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Antique Karabagh Rug, Floral, Beige, 4’×6’3


This circa-1920 antique Karabagh rug features a striking central medallion in black, containing pink floral abstractions. Along with soft blue and pink flower designs, which serve as a sort of corner bracket, the patterns appear against a field of beige. A thick black border containing more floral motifs completes the look of the antique carpet.

  • Antique rug 4×6 one of a kind
  • Antique rug the best choice for your living room, bedroom or dining room
  • Russian rug, hand-woven with unique culture and characteristics reflection
  • This Antique Karabagh rug is the true example of Oriental style
  • 1920 style Oriental Karabagh rug with beige, black, purple colors
  • A rare example of Russian Karabagh Oriental rug collection
  • Oriental Antique Russian rug is the unique example of carpet weaving artistry
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