Indian Rugs are most wanted Oriental rugs in rug belt countries.

The topping era of Indian rugs is during late 1880s. Antique rug weaving techniques go back to 16th century in India. Since then the talented rug weaver masters carry on to produce handmade rugs and carpets at same quality. These rugs and carpets made in 19th century now are antique rugs which makes them invaluable.

There are different weaving techniques in Indian rugs such as pile rug and flat weave, where you can find kilim, loom or pile rugs in India. The patterns are often geometric or complex which are used in design of Indian rugs.

North of India is the most famous part for rug production in history. Agra rugs were produced in prisons of India and North Indian rugs are more of cottage and villagers rug production.

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