Vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets are cultural products of Northern Africa. The most famous Moroccan rugs are Beni Ourain rugs, which are made from natural dyes and wool and comes to this day as antique and vintage rug.

Beni Ourain rugs are handmade by tribes live in Atlas mountains with unique and exquisite design, motifs and patterns for centuries and reach beyond to this era.

You can also find different Berber tribe rugs made in Morocco with high quality and ancient techniques of production.

Moroccan kilims and rugs are finest and most famous examples of rug types in the world with its ethnic properties reflect to rugs design, material, construction and pattern.

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Decorate your home, bathroom, living room, office and any place you desire with vintage rugs made in Morocco. Each rug, carpet and kilim is one of a kind and unique.

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